Welcome to Rune Martial Arts Academy. Our academy roots were first established as Fighting Fit Mixed Martial Arts in January 2007. Rune Martial Arts is the continuation-rebranding of FFMA which closed in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. We are affiliated to Neto Nunes (The Gauntlet Fight factory London) for our BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

Our training methods provide students with effective martial arts skills, fitness development and improved self-confidence. We provide a training format that helps you stay interested and overcome any fears you have about training in the martial arts.

We are a socially conscious academy that promotes a spirit of community with no egos and or politics with experienced coaches. We are a non-profit community-based establishment co-owned by several of our members. We run a permanently matted/equipped academy and cater for corporate and small group training and individual private tuition.

Currently we provide structured BJJ sessions and open mat training where you can practice any discipline e, g; BJJ Gi and no Gi, MMA, striking, working the bags or pads, drill practice and conditioning. Coaches and experienced members are at hand at the open mat sessions if you some advice/guidance.

Testimonials on our website illustrate the friendly, safe, interesting but live martial based environment that we create for all our students.

FFMA History. Tony found that students often lost interest in their training system which resulted in a lack of motivation to train. Encouraged by his wife Jenny to open an academy, he created a training environment that incorporated practical skills and fulfilled some of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of modern day living. He met Mark Collett (MMA coach/fighter) while they trained together in Jiu Jitsu/grapple & strike in 2001. Tony asked Mark to become a coach/co-owner of FFMA. Covid closed the business, Mark emigrated to Cyprus, they remain in touch as good friends.

Rune History


Several of our members stored the FFMA equipment until the time was right to find new premises and support Tony in re-establishing the brand. A community club was born based on loyalty, friendship, co-ownership, and collective intelligence.

One day Peter Ilnicki’s (co-owner-coach) son drew a logo on the dojo wall. In 1995 Tony’s wife Jenny tested positive for Huntington’s Disease and bought Tony a Rune necklace for his 40th birthday in 1997. Legend has it that the Rune would protect him and give him the strength to become her carer (Runes are powerful symbols). Peter’s son had drawn the same Rune that Jenny bought Tony 24 years earlier. The academy name was born.

Rune has allowed Tony to continue coaching sharing his philosophy and science applied to the art of combat. A collective intelligence is created by the co-owners who are also coaches, together we find our way and help you find your way of training/combat skills.