Tony Terranova Biography

  • DOB: 15-01-1957
  • Married with two daughters and grandchildren.
  • BJJ Black Belt graded awarded by Chico Mendes and Neto Nunes (Checkmat) in Nov 2019 and 1st Degree Black Belt given by Chico¬† and Neto Nunes in May 2023
  • BCA level 1 instructor on Geoff Thompsons Fighting System (graded by Geoff Thompson);
  • BCA 3rd Dan (grade by Peter Consterdine)
  • Black Belt Shotokan Karateka (graded by Sensei Enoeda in 1986)
  • Developed his own functional weight training system and equipment called Garage Gorilla Training
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Global engineering consultant in the power, gas, oil and petrochemical sectors

Tony started training in Shotokan Karate in the early eighties (in Coventry) under John Johnston with the J.K.A (Japanese Karate Association). He competed yearly at the Shotokan Kumite competitions at Crystal Palace. During this period that he met and trained with his friend Geoff Thompson who he continued to train with on grappling and striking under the BCA system.

He also trained in traditional Jiu Jitsu under Ross Innacaro (Taijutsu kai). Tony competed in some of the early grapple and strike competitions (when he was in his forties) where he met and trained with his now business partner Mark Collett. He began training in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) in his early fifties under John B Will (Machados). After being awarded his blue belt by John he was then coached by Chico Mendes (Checkmat) to brown belt.

He considers Master Sken as his mentor for Muay Thai/Striking, Chico Mendes and Neto Nunes for his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Geoff Thompson for his self-protection training.

He has also written articles for Martial Arts Illustrated, Shotokan Karate Magazine and martial arts websites including; Geoff Thompson's; Master Sken's; Peter Consterdine's, Iain Abernethy's, Totally and reviewed several book for fellow martial artists. He has traveled the world as an engineer working in power, gas, refining and petrochemicals sectors.