Code of Conduct

Rune MA Code of Conduct

We welcome anyone to our academy and whether your desire is to get fit, or to enter a competition, we will do our best to help you achieve your goals. The Code of Conduct below helps to promote an atmosphere of respect for ourselves, our training partners, and our Coaches. These rules are essential for a safe training environment for our students and coaches.

  1. Always pay attention to the Coach and not to other distractions.
  2. Always show respect to the Coaches and fellow students.
  3. Always aim to attend class on time.
  4. Students should remove all jewellery before class, for their own safety & that of others.
  5. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing which will not restrict movement for MMA and Kickboxing/Conditioning classes.
  6. For the BJJ sessions, students are advised to wear a Gi.
  7. Speak to our coaches for further details on training equipment and clothing which you may need.
  8. For hygiene & the comfort of all training clothing/equipment must be washed &/or clean.
  9. Do not use the club equipment unless authorized by a Coach. Please do not borrow other students’ equipment without his/her permission.
  10. Students must always keep their fingers and toenails clipped and clean for their own safety and that of their training partners.
  11. No chewing gum during training or in the gym
  12. Shoes must be removed before stepping onto the mats. Only clean wrestling shoes are permitted on the mats.
  13. Never lose your temper in training, especially in self-defence, or free sparring. Refrain from impetuous and violent behaviour, & do not spar without the permission of the Coaches.
  14. When sparring the most skilled and/or higher-grade student must work at the level of the less skilled/lower-grade student.
  15. Good sporting spirit & behaviour is important; the skills you learn can cause injury. Always treat your training partner with courtesy & aim to always exercise control and accuracy.
  16. Please keep non-class-related conversations with fellow students before or after class. Keep talking to a minimum during rest periods and please do not talk at all while the class is in session unless you have a specific question to ask the Coach.
  17. Refrain from any behaviour which constitutes bullying.
  18. If you have any complaints, please report your problems to any of the Coaches
  19. If in the unlikely event you injure yourself, you will be taken care of by one of the club’s qualified first aiders. Simply notify your training partner to let the Coach know you have an injury or attract the attention of the Coaches yourself.
  20. Never leave litter. For this reason, we don’t allow any food into the training hall except a bottle of water. Take all empty bottles with you & don’t leave anything behind at the end of class
  21. Clothing is to be left in the changing rooms and not brought into the gym (only training equipment such as gloves/gum shields etc & water bottles are allowed into the training hall).
  22. Always report any misappropriate behaviour to any of the coaches or any concerns you may have about how you are being treated.


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