Student Testimonials

Rune Martial Arts Testimonials

The community at Rune Martial Arts is exceptional. I have played lots of sports and have never felt as welcome as when I joined this club. The coaches provide great instruction and offer enlightenment in how to flourish in the modern world. Anytime I have felt stressed or anxious, Tony has taken the time to listen and guide me in the right direction, so much so that I have left the session feeling calm and happy. Every member at the club wants the best for everyone and therefore we can train in a safe and progressive manner, really dialling in all the skills that the coaches have taught us. The club has improved my quality of life with the skills and way of thinking that I can now apply to every aspect of my being.

Matt Jones


When starting my Jiu Jitsu journey, I tried out several locations in the local area and none came close to the truly welcoming approach you receive whilst training at Rune. Rune’s members have a vast skill range from complete newcomers to ones with decades of experience, so you’ll be sure to thrive in a deep and rich learning environment no matter your skillset. Tony teaches not just the ‘what’ and ‘where’, but more importantly the ‘how’ and the ‘why’. It’s the small details that are taught that allow you to explore different techniques and learn how to make them work well for you.

Cameron Dallimore


Beginners are welcome and will not be left behind, classes are multi-tiered so can you always learn at your level and develop. Tony Terranova the head coach at Rune holds a black belt in both Shotokan Karate and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a range of other skills amongst other styles from learning Muay Thai from Master Sken and self-defence from Geoff Thompson. The core of Tony’s attitude is to always be testing yourself at your current level so you can develop spiritually, physically, mentally, and philosophically. You can also expect a lot of fun and bad jokes. Team Rune is about learning techniques correctly and in a detailed fashion but creativity and finding your own way and what works for you is the most important development from that foundation of skills. Just as the saying goes: ‘I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.’ There are regular open mat sessions to develop, BJJ, MMA/wrestling and striking.

Ailbe Marius Moore


I’ve trained in various martial arts gyms and Rune is different to all of them. Built from the ashes of Fighting Fit Martial Arts which sadly succumbed to the pressures of a covid 19 Rune has formed in a new venue with an idea that martial arts should be for all and not just those who can afford it. The community spirit is massive in this young academy and the knowledge of various fighting arts and mental well-being is vast. Rune has a je ne sais quoi that can be felt the moment you enter the door. There are many fugazi out there in the martial arts world and Rune is not one. A place I am blessed to be a part of.

Jak Benfield


The team at Rune is very easy going, after the closure of our original club (Fighting Fit Martial Arts) due to Covid, a group of the original members got together and started training together. Thanks to Pete and Freddie we now have a proper community gym to practice at which we aim to refurbish in the spring of 2022. Regular classes are being held by our head coach Tony and some of the most advanced members, all levels are catered for at Runes.

Gaetan Delsaux

When the covid 19 pandemic forced the closure of fighting fit martial arts, we were left without a place to train. Small groups of us met up and several of us bought mats and used little spaces that we had. Slowly, we grouped back together and as our numbers began to increase, so did the need for a larger venue and more structure to our training. We found the former through the generosity of one of our members who offered his storage warehouse, and the latter through the experience of Tony who, when it was safe, started to run regular classes which have put structure back into our BJJ and martial arts training. The focus isn’t just BJJ, it is about us becoming better Martial Artists and learning fundamentals and skills that are applicable to the fighting arts and are also applicable to many facets of life. Building our physical, mental, social, and spiritual pillars and becoming better human beings and a unified team that supports one another and facilitates the growth of each member. Rune Martial Arts is a true phoenix that has risen from the ashes.

Samuel Chidwick


“Rune is the best place I’ve ever trained jiu jitsu. The coach and black belt, Tony, has a unique depth of knowledge and experience in all manner of practical martial arts and is able to look at things, take them apart and explain them in a way everyone can easily understand. He takes interest in every member’s personal development and often drops pearls of wisdom and the odd joke which massively helps the learning environment. The mats are very rich, all the members are extremely talented, but more importantly they’re friendly and helpful. Everyone’s welcome!”

Mike Newby


Rune Martial Arts Science is a place like no other, I’ve studied bushido and been in other dojo environments but none that accept you like a family and treat you like one like this group of people. The head coach Tony has a different mindset all together when it comes to teaching, discipline and learning and each class is a new experience. I don’t think I have ever left his class feeling like I’ve done bad or had a horrible session and his mentality has helped a lot in my personal life with my depression and anxiety and current health ailments.

Simon Barrett


I have been a member of the Rune family for around 4 years. Learning from the coaches and members there is always a positive learning experience. The ethos of martial arts is part of every training session. Tony pays particular attention to the “real life” application of jiu Jitsu and not just transitions from a competition perspective. There’s something to learn from every member at Rune and the great thing is that everyone is willing to share their skills and knowledge at all levels. There are no egos or bravado at Rune, it is simply a place to learn and practice physical life skills that are quite often put you out of your comfort zone. Rune is a fantastic place to learn and grow with like-minded people and great coaches.

Chris Fletcher


After an 18-month hiatus from the mats I was glad to hear that the team had reformed post-covid and were back training at a new venue. On return it felt like I’d never been away – the same technical instruction, the hard sparring, and an open minded, creative environment. We have a great diverse team where everyone is encouraged to develop their own style of effective combat. Highly recommended.

Achudan Anduvan

Rune martial arts is a different type of gym. The atmosphere here is inviting and friendly. People of all abilities and backgrounds are welcomed onto the mats. There is a vast range of skills and styles in its members which creates a sort of community learning; as the individual progresses so does the whole team. The training sessions are rich with knowledge and talent. The drive to better the individual and the community is more than just about physicality, as there is strong emphasis on mental, emotional, and moral resilience. At the forefront of this community is our head coach Tony Terranova. His BJJ black belt combined with huge amounts of experience in other martial art styles and disciplines means he has a wealth of knowledge he passes on to his students. He is deeply passionate about his community, and this is apparent in his teaching style.

Ben Warwick


The first time I trained at Rune I knew straight away that BJJ was the sport for me. There is great camaraderie and no judgment if you mess up. Tony Terranova, the head coach, has had many years of experience and is an excellent teacher, teaching not only new skills but also the science behind martial arts. Not only do you learn how to fight but you learn how to become a better person as it relates with other areas in life

Stanley Fenn


Tony has been one of my coaches for over 4 years. I’ve trained with him both at Fighting Fit Martial Arts and now at Rune. Something that sets our academy apart from many others, is Tony’s wealth of knowledge in many martial arts disciplines. This coupled with the advice and coaching we get on a personal level has made my experience training with Tony irreplaceable. Not only have a I developed as a martial artist, but Tony has helped me and many others in my personal life. It has been, and always will be a pleasure having Tony and the team at Rune as a coach. The team is friendly, welcoming, and always accommodate people from all walks of life.

Cynneth Bonanos


I can say with confidence that Rune MA is the most enjoyable and rewarding club to train at I have ever been to. The coaching level is first class. Classes are designed to ensure you progress correctly at your own speed. Foremost, for me training should be fun and enjoyable, and the characters at this gym make sure that it is a fun and fruitful environment. The family friendly atmosphere is welcoming, the sparring great and the team is top quality sharing a collective intelligence with each other. Five stars from me.

Peter Ilnicki


I began training jiu-jitsu for self-defence and carried on for the community that Tony has so kindly created. All members of Rune Martial Arts are super welcoming and make the experience even better. Jiu-jitsu is great for your mental and physical health, and I would never want to give it up. Excellent black belt coach Tony with many years of experience and knowledge will push you forwards and give you a lot of great advice, and other members will also guide and help you get wherever you want to get to in your jiu-jitsu journey.

Rina Gendvilaite




Rune Martial Arts is a rare gem of place, wherein you are given a comprehensive education of BJJ, and its place within the martial arts. You are welcomed from the moment you step foot and are met at whatever level of skill and fitness and tested so you become strong like iron. Every member is encouraged to share whatever knowledge and skill they have so we all get better as a whole, under Tony’s direction. I cannot speak highly enough of this club, and it comes recommended to beginners and experts alike

Shay Maloney


Testimonial: Rune martial arts is a unique club to say the least. The community of martial artists here separates it from the rest. Humble and encouraging everyone is welcome to the mats. Club black belt Tony Terranova is a lifelong martial artist, not only shares his fountain of combat wisdom, but also good lifestyle advice and mentoring. His philosophical approach intertwined with a scientistic approach is genius, concepts, movement, and mechanics. Perfect training.

Pete Soteriou


I’m very proud to be a part of the Rune Martial Arts family. Continuing the same spirit from our previous club Fighting Fit MA, we have such a great, friendly community with a wealth of experience to draw upon. Everyone builds each other up and is treated equally. Led by our inimitable coach, Tony Terranova, a lifelong martial artist and BJJ blackbelt. It’s the perfect environment to learn and master this gentle art.

Freddie Pope


I have been training with Tony at his club for over a decade and had the pleasure of being part of an authentic, friendly, and unique community of amazing people. Tony’s experience extends far beyond that of a coach as he brings a rare and refreshing philosophy to his club, ethos, and leadership. A combination of practical approaches, science with application and ancient health practices are a few of the many lived experiences that Tony incorporates into the development of his members and participants. Whether walking into the club for the first time or seeking a more immersive combat experience you will have all the support, guidance, mentoring and family you need. Tony offers real, tested, and useable concepts that each martial artist can hone to suit their style, ability and anatomy through a respectful, equitable and above all a fun environment. A top-class club, but more importantly a community!

Chris Davis


I have been training with Tony Terranova for 10 years now both at Rune Martial Arts and Fighting Fit Martial Arts. The club has an energetic, but respectful atmosphere with a great mix of high-level practitioners and entry level students. Tony’s background in Shotokan Karate, Muay Thai, BCA and BJJ means he is able break down a series of moves with ease demonstrating them from many different angles and entry points, whilst still proving their effectiveness and application both on the mats, in the ring and on the street. Rune Martial Arts walks the walk!

John Lewis





I was initially introduced to the club by Peter Ilncki (coach & co-owner) and I received some excellent pointers and advice, which along with the truly brilliant training from Tony (who trained my Dad and my dad’s friends 17 years ago!), helped massively to someone who is new to BJJ. Additionally, from when I first started, I immediately felt welcome at the club as everyone was passionate, friendly, and encouraging, enabling me to grow and progress within this cracking club.

Ruben Spicer age 15


I’ve been very fortunate to have been coached by Tony Terranova for over 5 years now and he has helped myself and others grow exponentially in that period. He has the ability to extrapolate what does and does not work in self-defence and competition situations and is an excellent very high-level coach. Tony has an extensive martial arts background. His teaching focuses on a concept-based method rather than a collection of a thousand techniques that are unlikely to replicated under duress in the street or in competition. He has trained with and has coached high level competitors from World Champions to Olympians and his reputation is second to none and can only be considered a true ‘faixa preta’ both in martial arts and in life. As for Rune Martial Arts (Science) the club, I find it to be a humble, friendly environment with a real community vibe that is welcoming to all newcomers or to those who have been training for a while and I would recommend anyone thinking of coming to train, not to think twice and make the first step as for sure they will find a friendly environment that is welcoming to all without exceptions. The mats are rich with girls and guys, young and old with excellent training partners to suit all levels shapes and sizes.

Alex Marsh